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Founder Glory Anne Laffey was the Executive Secretary of the Sourisseau Academy of State and Local History, and was a key force in the late-1980s and 1990s in bringing together local history organizations, commissions, museums, and archives under the coalition of Heritage Council of Santa Clara County. While president of the Heritage Council, Franklin Maggi, current managing partner of ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE, LLC, worked with Glory Anne to publish the first comprehensive guidebook to local heritage organizations, commissions, museums, archives, and resources.

Sourisseau Academy for State and Local History

Sourisseau Academy

ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE, LLC continues today their heavy use of, and support for, local archives. We are always ready to assist those who have important primary documents, as well as secondary sources of historical information, get them deposited into a local archive where they can be preserved and be made available to the public. Charlene Duval is the current Executive Secretary of the Sourisseau Academy, a position she has held for over 15 years, and staff member¬†Leslie Masunaga¬†is the retired archivist and records manager of the City of San Jose. If your organization or business entity needs professional consulting in archives management, we’ve got you covered – give us a call!