Design Review

Rooted in over 120 years of preservation ethics in both Europe and America, The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties are common sense principles in non-technical language. They were developed by the National Park Service to help protect our nation’s irreplaceable cultural resources by promoting consistent preservation practices.

Salinas Freight Depot

Salinas Freight Depot

The Standards are a series of concepts about maintaining, repairing and replacing historic materials, as well as designing new additions or making alterations. Once an appropriate treatment is selected, the Standards provide philosophical consistency to the work.

The Standards are used by many public agencies in California, to insure that properties designated as historic resources, or considered eligible for the California Register of Historical Resources, and that are undergoing development projects, are reviewed for consistency.

ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE prepares technical reports to accompany these projects to insure that they meet agency requirements.

For a detailed explanation of the Standards, as summarized by the California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP), see their online summary.