Technical Reports

ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE provides a broad range of services related to technical publications in the field of Cultural Resources Management. The format, type, and required content for these reports vary by public agency, and are usually specified by agency staff, or are outlined in published guidelines. Almost all technical reports required as part of permit entitlement processes relate to implementation and enforcement of the California Environment Quality Act, or are related to undertakings of federal agencies that are subject to the requirements of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966.

In California, the California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) has developed a standard format for the recording of historical information, called Department of Parks and Recreation form 523 (DPR523). Federal projects that undergo some form of state review are often recorded in this format. However, the actual format required by a specific project may vary, depending on agency requirements.

ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE has been producing technical reports for over 25 years, and are intimately familiar with agency requirements in the South San Francisco Bay Area as well as coast-side in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.  If your permitting agency requires an independent historic evaluation, call us and we will help you meet your requirements in a way that is tuned to the requirements of the agency you are working with.

We follow Best Practices in our field for this type of work, and write pertinent, concise reports without a lot of nonsense. Our work products result from intense, focused research of both primary and secondary records. We use The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing by ARCHIVES & ARCHITECTURE associate Krista Van Laan, and the Chicago Style Manual.

Following is a list of the types of technical reports which we prepare. Examples can be provided upon request.

  • Phase I Historic Report (a preliminary assessment in letter form)
  • Phase II Historic Report (DPR523 forms and/or Standards Review)
  • Historic Report and tally (City of San Jose)
  • Historical Resource Evaluation/Historical and Architectural Evaluation
  • DPR523 with CEQA Findings Letter
  • Historical Assessment (EIR sub-report)
  • Report on Historical Status (damaged or burned buildings)
  • Study for Potential Historical Archaeology (for archaeology firms)
  • Evaluation for National Register Eligibility
  • Physical Evaluation of Historical Integrity/Building Condition Report
  • Historic Structure Report/Interpretive Prospectus (Parks)
  • Historic Resources Identification and Evaluation
  • Historic Resources Evaluation Report (Caltrans)
  • Historic Property Survey Report (Caltrans)
  • Finding of Effect (Section 106)
  • Written and Descriptive Data (HABS/HAER/HALS)
  • Preservation Plan
  • Secretary of the Interior’s Standards Review
  • Mitigation Monitoring Report
  • Peer Review of Historical Evaluation