A new book by Krista Van Laan

March 6, 2017 Posted by Franklin Maggi

We’re pleased to announce Krista Van Laan’s new book WOLFE & HIGGINS: Master Architects of the Spanish Revival, published by Archives & Architecture, now available at http://www.nreverse.com/products.php?204

One hundred years ago, San José architect Frank Delos Wolfe, his son Carl Wolfe, and Santa Clara architect William Ernest Higgins formed what would become one of the most prolific architectural firms of all time. Early adopters of the Spanish Revival style that swept California in the 1920s, the firm of Wolfe & Higgins lasted only fourteen years but in that short time produced more than 500 homes, commercial buildings, and institutional buildings. Among these are some of the most recognizable architectural landmarks in Northern California.
In Wolfe & Higgins: Master Architects of the Spanish Revival, architectural historian Krista Van Laan provides an in-depth look at the prodigious output of this little-known but highly influential firm. From the iconic Venetian Court of Capitola to the San José Woman’s Club, from cottages and bungalow courts to grand mansions, Wolfe & Higgins played a major role in establishing the architectural style that still today says “California” to the world.
224 pages hardcover. ISBN: 978-0-692-58098-1 LCN: 2015919093
Available for $39.95 at www.nreverse.com

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